A thoroughly delicious extra añejo Tequila, released as part of Ocho's Single Estate range. The agaves for this expression were harvested in 2009 from Rancho San Agustin, which is located in the hilly region of Jesus Maria in Jalisco. 

This is an extra special bottling because the field belongs to San Agustin Hacienda, the estate where the Carlos Camarena’s (co-founder of Ocho) grandfather Don Felipe Camarena was born, in 1897. The land won't be leased to grow agave on again, so this is the very last bottle of San Agustin Tequila we will ever see.


Medjool dates with a toffee-like sweetness, rich dark chocolate mocha livened up by bright floral notes and a sweet and spicy finish, though with a distinctive dryness.


Volume:  70cl

ABV%:    54,6%

Country: Mexico

Ocho Single Barrel Extra Anejo (San Augustin)

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