From Tempus Fugit Spirits comes a 19th century French-style aperitif wine, known either as Kina or Quinquina (pronounced 'kin-kee-na'). Simultaneously fabulously fruity and bitter, it combines flavours of South American cinchona tree bark, wormwood, orange peel and spices, infused in Cortese grape wine. L’Aero D’Or translates as The Golden Aeroplane, and pays homage to the first flight across the English Channel, completed in 1909 by Frenchman Louis Blériot in a monoplane.


Jammy notes of quince and orange marmalade, with dessert wine sweetness. Wormwood makes an appearance, resulting in a balanced and pleasantly bitter finish.


Volume:   70cl

ABV%:    18%

Country:  Switzerland

Kina L'Aero D'or

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